Opportunity for Social Impact

As a social enterprise, Division Street Landscaping positively impacts the communities in which it exists by working with re-entry and workforce organizations for those with barriers to employment.

Division Street Landscaping provides formerly incarcerated individuals with the best chance of building a new life post-release by creating pipeline partnerships with a vast network of community stakeholders.



Division Street Landscaping was formed in 2017. Its mission is to marry Baltimore's need for jobs for its citizens (especially those with barriers to employment) with its need to take care of its green spaces. We believe that this can be a match made in Heaven.

To accomplish this, we have reached out to community-based organizations and developers to establish meaningful working relationships. We plan to demonstrate how working with a local landscaping company like Division Street can be beneficial to our community in more ways than one. Some of those benefits are:

-Greater community support

-impact the local economy in a real way

-reduction of nuisance crimes like illegal dumping

About the Founder